Digging The Word


"I rejoice in your word like one who discovers a great treasure." PSALM 119:162



Come To Jesus

Jesus is God and he is able to satisfy your thirsty soul better than anything else.


Desiring God's Word

I need to be willing to pursue God's word in order to gain understanding. 


Responding To Jesus

How will you respond to the radical claims of Jesus?

I Found You

I have found hope, love and strength to rise above.

The Real Bread

Jesus came to satisfy our soul not our body.

Don't Have Much To Give? Good!

God uses inadequate people with inadequate resources.


Is Jesus The Lord?

The crowds try to make Jesus the servant.

How Deep The Fathers Love

God still loves me as I stand with the scoffers.

Palm Sunday - Our Fickle Hearts

"Blessed is he" will soon become "crucify him!"

Who Is Jesus? Here Are Some Witnesses

The decision is yours but don't neglect to look at the evidence that Jesus really is God.

Who Is Jesus? Here Is Some Proof

The most important fact that you need to believe.

Mercy Versus Legalism

Mercy is more important than trying harder.